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  • Flying Solo Is Actual Bliss

    Flying Solo Is Actual Bliss on

    Any other serious jizz-junkies out there who are blissfully flying solo this month? Yup, we feel you. There is simplicity & freedom in knowing you have no one to answer to. No one is crushing you with the weight of expectations or pressuring you to do anything special. You won’t be gouged on dinners, Ubers […]

  • The Inked Guys That Rule Our Pants

    The Inked Guys That Rule Our Pants on

    Gay, straight, beefy, lean, American, European, Mexican … we love it all when tattoos are involved. On any given day you can catch us spending more time than is healthy on Instagram scoping out inked hotties to fuel our fantasies. Let us fill your eye holes with the accounts we’re currently obsessed with: Jeff Chastain […]

  • The Bromo Holiday Gift Guide

    The Bromo Holiday Gift Guide on

    Facts: giving gifts is fun, and the holiday season is a perfect excuse to spoil your favorite people with goodies they may never splurge on themselves. Enter Fort Troff! A treasure trove of toys, accessories and gear for that special person on your list. Fort Troff is THE #1 gay toy store, with a reputation […]

  • Thanksgiving Is Our Unofficial Coming Out Day

    Thanksgiving Is Our Unofficial Coming Out Day on

    This year National Coming Out Day was on October 11th.  For 29 years we have celebrated the bravery of all who have come out as LGBTQ on the anniversary of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. Here at Bromo the issue of coming out is close to our hearts. The less […]

  • Bromo Delivers This Halloween

    Bromo Delivers This Halloween on

    Let’s be real: Halloween season isn’t complete without a creepy sex dungeon, a sex crazed beast in a cage, and a human play-thing on a leash. Don’t worry! The Bromo series Bareback Inquisition offers all of that and more. Bromo favorites Jaxton Wheeler & Damien Stone are the dungeon masters who keep a collection of […]

  • Fetish Focus: Abandonment

    Fetish Focus: Abandonment on

    Fetishism is chronically misunderstood and often vilified. However consensual and respectful exploration of sexuality can be a joyful & fulfilling part of life. Dismissing fetishes as ‘perversions’ or ‘problems’ undermines their incredible ability to empower. For example when a kink has developed as a reaction to negative emotions, the result is a victorious transformation of […]

  • Bromo Presents POP PORN

    Bromo Presents POP PORN on

    Who doesn’t want to get a good laugh at the scenarios we so enjoy touching ourselves too? Enter Pop Porn, a series where comedians roast gay porn scenes. The six part series created by Border 2 Border Entertainment and is perfect for watching with friends or when you need a good laugh after a hard […]

  • Diversity In Gay Porn

    Diversity In Gay Porn on

    The Gay Porn Of Today If you’re at all familiar with gay porn, you are most likely used to seeing a parade of young, fit, white American men dominate the industry. Hot? Yes, but hardly the only version of sexiness in existence. Is gay porn doing a disservice to itself by only showing 1% of […]

  • A Brief History Of Underwear

    A Brief History Of Underwear on

    Cover Yourself, Man Humans have a long history of covering their junk. It’s no wonder so many styles have come and gone. Today’s man demands a trifecta of functionality, comfort and sexiness: a tall order than many underwear designers are more than happy to fulfill. But we weren’t always so lucky. Comfort has not always […]

  • Bromo Presents: Summer Playlists

    Bromo Presents: Summer Playlists on

    There are certain men that really epitomize our vision of a perfect Bromo, and 3 such dream boats have shared their top 10 summer anthems with us so we can enjoy them too. Ready to sweat? Jaxton Wheeler Power fucker Jaxton Wheeler is a natural born top and a master of domination. With 13 Bromo […]