Reality Dudes

Reality Dudes

Every Straight man has his price! Str8 Chaser is a subsite of, which features 100% amateur performers, and 6 exclusive sites.
  • Dick Dorm’s Spring Break Playlist

    Dick Dorm’s Spring Break Playlist on

    It’s March, so that means the Dick Dorm has emptied out while the boys take over Fort Lauderdale,  Panama City and Tulum. No matter where they end up for break, they’re on a tear and looking for action. All that is certain is they are very very thirsty. We compiled a playlist with the crew’s […]

  • Anatomy of a Str8chaser Crush

    Anatomy of a Str8chaser Crush on

    If I were to dissect my love of straight ass, I’d say I refined my taste for the forbidden in high-school, and many an unrequited crush. I’d swoon over the jocks, watching them practice, watching them play, watching them flirt with girls, always from the sidelines. I’d imagine what I would say to these guys […]

  • Reality Dudes’ 2018 Sex Resolutions

    Reality Dudes’ 2018  Sex Resolutions on

    Hey Sex Bots! Str8chaser here. The beginning of the year is a good time to reflect on how you’d like the rest of the year to play out. Naturally my resolutions are all ambitious and sexual in nature, and I’m chomping at the bit to get started. There are so many places I have yet […]

  • Reality Dudes Went Full Savage in 2017

    Reality Dudes Went Full Savage in 2017 on

    If you follow the Chinese Zodiac you know that 2017 ushered in the Year of the Cock, and man did it live up to its name. We took boldness to new levels, serving up hot surprises all year: we had a fuck-load of outdoor sex; the Str8chaser continued to enjoy success cruising hot str8 guys […]

  • Fancy A Holiday Wank?

    Fancy A Holiday Wank? on

    We all love a good stuffing. But if you’re not so lucky to give or receive, you may need to take matters into your own hands. Even when surrounded by family and your chances of overeating are at an all time high, the holidays will never get in the way of a good wank. In fact, […]

  • How To Get Away With Public Sex

    How To Get Away With Public Sex on

    Thinking of getting adventurous with your sex life? Craving a new atmosphere besides the sultry glow of Netflix on your screen? We hear you… not only is public sex exciting, it also falls under the category of free fun. Be warned however there is a certain amount of danger, mostly in the form of potential […]

  • Top Favorite College Guy Traits

    Top Favorite College Guy Traits on

    Semester Has Started Imagine for a moment the beginning of fall semester on campus. The air is crackling with nerves, excitement and hormones. It smells like hope. The latest batch of strapping freshman lads bring with them bewildered vigor and optimism. Emboldened sophomores have an abundance of swagger. And I, the str8chaser, survey the scene; […]

  • Join The Str8chaser For Some Vacation Sex

    Join The Str8chaser For Some Vacation Sex on

    Hitting All The Spots In Hawaii The ephemeral nature of vacation sex gives it an air of adventure. You must be willing to get dirty, or get caught. That’s probably why it’s so damn hot. While visiting family on the tiny island of Lanai in Hawaii, I met a young impressionable park ranger. I was […]

  • Every Str8 Guy Has His Price

    Every Str8 Guy Has His Price on

    Str8chaser Secrets Revealed It’s no secret that we have a thing for broke str8 guys. We find our guys in parks, college campuses, outside of gyms and everywhere in between. Our methods are smooth, simple and surprisingly effective at getting us into the pants of the sexiest & fittest dudes. We start slow by making […]

  • Dick Dorm Summer Playlists

    Dick Dorm Summer Playlists on

    When the boys were asked to share their top summer anthems, mayhem ensued. Everyone had to have their say, and when the dust settled, we ended up with playlists for three different natural habitats of the Dick Dorm dude now that classes are out: The Work Out, The Day Drunk and The Hangover.  Join us […]