Diego Sans Answers Your Questions!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Diego Sans

Diego Sans was happy to take the time out of his day on set with MEN.com to answer some of YOUR most burning questions!

Diego Sans has graced our computer screens and Instagram feeds with his perfectly sculpted body and handsome features. The fan-favorite Men.com exclusive has been on set for the past 2 years and has appeared in over 60 scenes, including the ever-popular Gay Porn Parody “Tarzan”.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could ask a Porn Star any question you wanted? Well now’s your chance.

Diego provided us with some pretty hilarious answers when asked questions about his personal preferences. When asked, what was the worst pickup line ever used on you? He replied “I don’t necessarily have one, but I don’t like it when people call me Papi… This is not the Maury Show, the DNA results are not in, I am not the father!” he expressed to us in a comedic manner. Another question I’m sure many people are wondering is who Diego Sans porn crush is. When we asked him who his porn crush is he answered “There’s a list…. My Porn Crush at the moment would be Darius [tries to pronounce his last name] Ferdynand, and Paddy O’Brian is sexy because of his daddy vibes. Yeah I can say “Daddy” it’s not Papi”. Diego Sans next scene will air on March 24th where he will co-star fellow model Nate Grimes, don’t forget to tune in and see what all the action is about!

Check out his full interview below and send us your comments!

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