15 Reasons Gay Adult Stars Are People Just Like Us

A glimpse into the lives of your favorite Men.com models

We all know what our favorite gay adult stars can do in the sheets. What they do outside of the bedroom, however, is another story. Here is an exclusive look at what our Men.com models go through in their personal lives.

1. They enjoy all of life’s little pleasures
We should all try and be thankful for the simple things in life. Duncan lo0ves him warm bed sheets:

Talent name

2. They’ve had financial struggles
A credit card can only get you so far. Johnny is extremely relieved to have some sweet cash in his bank account:PaycheckComesThrough

3. They know how to be bitchy
Some days, you just wanna be with your own group of gays. Jordan & Scott prove that they don’t want company:CantSitWithUs

4. They get heartbroken
Rejection is awful. Even a hunk like Aspen can understand how that feels:

5. They’re scared of change
Every gay man dreads changing hairdressers. Diego expresses all of our fears in this scene:


6. They sometimes forget important things
We all have a lot on our minds. Even Vadim & Brad make mistakes sometimes:

7. They go on vacations together
Hostels are a great and cheap way to travel around. Jack, Noah, Zach, Will, and Vadim probably got a great deal on this room:


8. They are suckers for good food
We can all relate to Tobias and his love for a delicious, freshly-cooked pizza:


9. They get sad
Three Second Rule. We wouldn’t hold it against Diego to pick it back up:

10. They stand up for themselves
Never let someone walk all over you. Leo certainly won’t tolerate anybody’s sass:

11. They get put into awkward situations
We’ve all received terrible gifts during the holidays. Johnny perfected his pleasantly surprised expression:


12. They love getting new things
Paddy is all of us when we get a brand new phone:


13. They get annoyed
Getting setup with your second-cousin, twice removed isn’t cute. Trevor is definitely over it:


14. They go to the dentist
We’d also have Connor’s huge smile if we got a clean check up with no cavities:


15. They feel pain
Nothing worse than getting those dreaded brain freezes. We agree with Brandon, Slurpees are delicious:

Brain freeze

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