5 Things All Fit Gay Men Have in Common

We’ve Got The Magic Formula!

Imagine you came across an article on what all gay guys have in common; we would get totally crazy and accuse everyone of intolerance. However, we gays have that possibility to do so. You know – nobody has the right to say anything bad about your family, but you can do so as much as you want. Okay, now, we tried to see the similarities between all fit gay guys. So take a look at the following list as these are literally the five things all gay men have in common, so if you want to become one of those, you know what you have to do.



They find a way to make exercise interesting

Working out can sound like a daunting job, especially for those of us that are not so much on the fit side. However, fit guys find any opportunity they can to make their workout routine interesting. One of the ways they do this is by exercising at different places from time to time. When they don’t hit the gym, they go running, or they simply work out somewhere outdoors, which definitely makes the workout routine less dull. Moreover, they browse online to find as many different exercises as possible, and thus try out something they’ve never tried before. It is very important to not get bored in the gym, and finding ways to make exercise interesting for you will surely make you hit the gym more often.


They invest in gym equipment

Speaking of making exercising interesting; there’s another thing that could just help you achieve that. New gym equipment will definitely make your workouts more interesting, as you wait for any opportunity you have to put on your new men’s gym shorts and show them to the world. On the other hand, investing in gym equipment has always been a thing for fitness junkies, but especially for the gays (since we’re really picky and thus very fashionable, thank God!). Buying high-quality gym equipment doesn’t only make you the most fashionable person in the gym, but it can actually help you achieve better results. So, if you’re planning to become one of the fit gays and pump those muscles, make sure to get only the best equipment.


They get enough sleep

Not only is hitting the gym important for any fit gay guy out there, but also the amount they spend sleeping. They know it helps their metabolism, so they try to sleep the regular eight hours a night. Hitting the gym without getting enough sleep and feeling tired is one of the worst things any fit guy could do, as that will not help their body at all. So if you’re in a relationship with a fit guy, know that sleep is extremely important, so if he says no to your sexy new jockstrap, don’t take it personally. They just want to adhere to this rule.



They stay active even outside the gym

They might be passive in bed, but outside the sheets, fit gay guys tend to use any opportunity to stay active. You will never see a fit guy taking the elevator to the first, second or third floor, will you? Moreover, they use any chance they have to walk rather than take the public transport, which is something that we should all do, by the way. When it comes to vacations, they tend to choose active ones which involve a lot of swimming, hiking or trekking. Or the Gay Pride, but that is active enough, right?


They mind what they eat

Finally, food plays a big role in the lifestyle of fit men. You won’t have a lot of opportunities to go with your lover to a fast food restaurant – he will rather choose a healthy restaurant so he can eat what is best for his body. If you think about it, they eat a lot of food, vegetables and unprocessed food. So the next time you’re making a romantic dinner for your man, make sure to make the healthiest one you can, as he will cherish that the most.



So, basically, as you can see, all fit gay guys have the same approach to being healthy and staying fit. If you’re in a relationship with one (or want to be), you simply have to know these things as these, no matter how silly they might seem to you, are extremely important to them.