Adventures of a Str8 Chaser

I swear I’m not a stalker!

I know it’s been a while since I let you in on my first str8 chasing mission. Cole was indeed my first conquest and that first experience chasing a str8 guy paved the way for many more success stories. So what have I been up to? Eyeing another hunky str8 guy, of course. I wish I could tell you his name but I am only now planning my approach. I can tell you that he’s older than the guys I usually go after. I’m not usually into daddies. It’s just that…this is one HOT daddy. Perfectly tanned, bright white teeth, and arms that always seem ready to burst from his shirt.

Most times I’ve seen him he’s been driving his swanky Mercedes A3 L in or out of the hospital parking lot next door. Believe it or not, the fact that he’s obviously a rich doctor doesn’t mean much to me. It’s the fact that he clearly holds a high powered position and likely calls the shots that makes him so damn sexy.

It sucks that I know so little about this beautiful man because it makes it that much more difficult for me to plan my approach.  I’ve seen him one other occasion however. He was resting outside the hospital after a jog. His skin was glistening. He pulled his tank-top off and used it to wipe his sweat. I was riveted. It almost felt like he knew I was watching and was putting on a show. Friends, I may have to take up jogging.

I have to be patient though. I must not deviate from my formula. I’ve followed it for every mission and it has kept me out of all kinds of trouble. Once I identify my chase I first find my prey then make contact, and finally offer a trade. I only have one golden rule: I will not break the law. Well, at least not a felony 😉


by Reality Dudes
Reality Dudes

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