Anatomy of a Str8chaser Crush

If I were to dissect my love of straight ass, I’d say I refined my taste for the forbidden in high-school, and many an unrequited crush. I’d swoon over the jocks, watching them practice, watching them play, watching them flirt with girls, always from the sidelines. I’d imagine what I would say to these guys to win them over but I was always too fearful of trying.

When I grew older and developed some swagger I realized that these guys were no longer 100% out of my reach. And to be fair maybe only 5% of str8 guys are in my reach, but therein lies my window of opportunity and I’m not one to let that pass me by. The challenge of this chase has a big pay off and there ends up being no shortage of guys to satisfy my cravings. No longer on the sidelines, now I’m the star quarterback of the game.

The rise in popularity and acceptability of ‘bud sex‘ has made even more str8 guys open to sexual experiences with guys. Whether it is trendy or just the new normal, this phenomenon has only been kind to me and my libido.

Aw, don’t be shy Jason.

What do I look for in a guy? There’s a fine balance between finding guys who identify as straight yet who are susceptible to flattery from a guy; broke enough to be interested in making some extra cash without being desperate. I really like fit guys and I especially love watching them work out for a while before approaching them, getting a sense of their physicality before making my move.

Catching a guy when he’s euphoric from a work out is the ideal time to lay on the compliments. Once you get the ball rolling you can really get to work making a guy feel special and hot. Isn’t that what we all want? To be seen and desired? I offer that in return for fresh ass open to new experiences.

Watch me work my magic. Let me know how you like my technique!


I love guys like Blake who want to show off a little.

by Reality Dudes
Reality Dudes

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