The Appeal Of The Bad Boy

Why do we love them so much?

What is it about the bad boy? The sense of danger, the taboo, the recklessness? The casting aside of social norms? Yes, yes, yes and YES. There’s actually nothing wrong with finding bad boys exciting and desirable. But for goodness sake, accept them at face value.

When Reality Dudes very own ex-boxer Philly Mack confronted his homophobic cyber bully in a barber shop, attacking the troll while he was having his hair washed, I dropped to my knees and screamed “yes Papi!”  The more restrained and civil our day to day, the more exhilarating it is to see passion and chaos personified.

While there are some legitimately hot reasons to want to run away with these sexy dangerous characters to have lots and lots of sex, tread lightly. When the impulse becomes a desire to change his nature, to tame the beast, then we have officially entered highly dangerous territory.

If you are always getting your heart destroyed by the bad boy, you are likely not being honest with yourself about what you need. Looking for a loving boyfriend? Hit up the guy at William Sonoma buying a food processor, or the man volunteering at the local dog shelter on his lunch breaks. These are the caregivers and helpers who make excellent mates, and in reality have the potential to be just as exciting in bed. Believe me, the most normal exteriors sometimes contain the most kink.

But being in a relationship is not everyone’s goal and is certainly not necessary for a fulfilling life. If this is you, then play my friend, PLAY! There are bad boys a plenty, ready to make you forget the troubles of this world and act out your fantasies.

But when you’re stuck in bed with the flu, you better have a Mr. William-Sonoma-Dog-Walker on speed dial.

by Reality Dudes
Reality Dudes

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