Best Cruising Spots

The Str8chaser dishes on his favorites

Truth be told, I see potential everywhere. The grocery aisle, the laundromat, an elevator, the smoothie counter at my gym. My antennae are always buzzing for opportunities to meet hot guys. But after a lot of trial and error, I can say there are places that are more conducive to picking up than others. Cornering someone in a location where they are likely to feel stressed or can’t escape from, such as their place of work, tends to make people more guarded. Ideally I want my prey men relaxed, easy, and susceptible to some light hearted flirtation.

Because I like you, I’m going to share my favorite spots to find guys ripe for the picking.

Parks: Parks have an invisible force field around them. Once you step in, you enter a land with a slower pace. People are generally more relaxed & open than they would be on a city street or at the bank. No excuses are needed to sit beside someone on a bench & strike up a conversation. I keep up to date on the hottest restaurants/ cafes/ clubs and offer to take that hot piece there myself. This doesn’t always work, but hey, it’s well worth trying.

Coffee Shops: Another relaxed environment where people are buzzing from caffeine and soaking up the atmosphere. When I spot a babe searching for enough change to cover his espresso, I jump at the opportunity & offer to pay. It’s friendly without being extravagant or awkward. Sitting at a table next to a hottie? Ask for the wifi password and whether the apple crumble is worth the extra empty calories. See someone struggling with a tray full of double shot soy lattes? Open the door for them and strike up a conversation about how lucky his friends are to have him deliver the goods. Take it from a pro: you have no. thing. to. lose.

College Campus: A sea of broke college students looking to experiment in an atmosphere that crackles with hormones and youthful exuberance. Need I say more? When guys are not in class they can be found at the campus bookstore, pub, cafeteria, gym. The possibilities are limitless.



The Unexpected: Now I know I run the risk of sounding predatory, but I like to swing by the bedding section of department stores to see if there are any cuties looking a bit lost. I’ll casually offer some friendly advice about thread count which has great potential to lead to an excuse to talk about bed related activities. Similarly I’ll hit up the athletic shoe section of a sports store, find a fellow cute shopper and say “well you’re obviously fit AF. Do you know which pair I should invest in for?” Not only will you make Mr. Hot Jock feel flattered & knowledgeable, you’ll also have a great reason to invite him for coffee as a thank you for his ‘help’.

Where are you most comfortable? At the garden section of Home Depot? The library? The gym? Go there and exude confidence, ease, and openness. If you’re lucky, instead of hunting, the guys will swarm to you.

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by Reality Dudes
Reality Dudes

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