Birth of a Str8 Chaser

My first high school crush

I knew I liked boys at an early age. Straight boys to be more precise. The more athletic and muscular they were, the more they appealed to me. Throw in the attitude and swagger that typically comes with your hot jock and I’d be a goner. As you could imagine, this proved to be a bit of a dilemma for me in high school and university. There was one such hot jock that kept me up at night in more ways than one. He was the first straight guy who seemed so out of reach yet I would eventually have the courage to approach.


His name was Cole and he was the star running back of our varsity football team. Girls lined up for his attention and boys idolized him. He had a reputation for scoring on and off the field which he embraced to just about no one’s discontent. He’d usually wear tight sweats that always seemed to showcase an extremely impressive bulge. Sometimes you could see the clear outline of his manhood which was always a special treat. His avid admirers like myself appreciated that he enjoyed this look even when it wasn’t a game day.

As it goes with your typical hot jock, Cole wasn’t one for the classroom. We had two classes together both vastly different from each other: Statistics and Human Evolution. As it happens, Mrs. Drummond seemed to like Cole almost as much as I did. He could expect a passing grade in Human Evolution to say the least. I realized that a helping hand in Statistics from yours truly was my ticket to see more than just Cole’s big bulge through his tight-fitting sweats.

As Mr. Z, as we all called him, was assigning our homework due next class, I logged into the course’s online portal and sent Cole a private message. It read, “My answers for a shirtless pic, text to 555-555-5555.” Better to keep my first request within reason, I thought. I was already out of the closet at that point and had no shame. He could do me no harm. I looked at my phone at 10:45pm in disappointment as I hadn’t received any text from Cole. I started to wonder why I expected that he would log into the portal and see my message that night, or ever. Then suddenly my phone made three glorious chimes indicating that I received new texts. I could see from the home screen it was three pics from Cole, each one more revealing and pleasing than the one before. As I was admiring his pics, there came a fourth chime and text. It was a message from Cole that read “I’ll take those answers now, str8chaser ;)”. It’s always fun when a plan comes together.

by Reality Dudes
Reality Dudes

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