A Brief History Of Underwear

From Codpiece to Grunt, we’ve come a long way!

Cover Yourself, Man

Humans have a long history of covering their junk. It’s no wonder so many styles have come and gone. Today’s man demands a trifecta of functionality, comfort and sexiness: a tall order than many underwear designers are more than happy to fulfill.

But we weren’t always so lucky. Comfort has not always been a priority and we can’t even imagine how distracting that must have been. Take a look at our historical timeline to see how far we’ve come.

Cool Timeline



The codpiece gained popularity in the 15th and 16th Centuries. It’s worn attached to the front of men’s trousers, so perhaps it is not ‘under’-wear at all. Still worth a mention however since the style is so aggressive in it’s display of the male genital region. So naturally we’re big fans.

Union Suit

Born out of an era notorious for impractical and restrictive clothing, Victorian era Union Suits (later known as long johns) were a comfortable alternative provided by the Rational Dress Movement. Today they are considered too bulky for use as underwear, but maintain their popularity as winter pyjamas.


Athletic underwear originally designed to provide support and comfort while bicycling. The style was quickly adopted by athletes of all kinds and continues to be popular today, especially in North America. It’s from this underwear that we affectionately call sporty guys ‘jocks’. Yummy.


Loose fitting boxing shorts with an elastic waist were first developed in 1925 by Everlast, and quickly adapted for use as roomy underwear. Joe Boxer helped the style experience a resurgence in popularity in the 80’s with their playful patterns, and Levi’s single handedly infused them with sex appeal with their 50’s style “Launderette“ commercial.


Now a staple in underwear couture, the ‘Jockey’ was first sold in 1935 by Coopers Inc. The style was touted as having a similar degree of support as a jockstrap. The style came to be called jock, brief, y-front and the affectionate “tighty whities”.


Calvin Klein’s sexually charged underwear campaign in the 90’s featuring Mark Wahlberg introduced us to the boxer brief. Mark’s sexy baby face and Sean Cody physique made us swoon…and buy. Calvin Klein gave us the news: boxers were now for boys. Boxer briefs were for sexy man beasts. Noted!

Hipster Trunk

But why stop at boxerbriefs? The leg was shortened and the waist made lower. Sex appeal increased, without any significant decrease in comfort. Could the heavens be smiling down upon us?

Grunt Underwear

A triumph of modern underwear! Fort Troff created the Grunt line of underwear with breathable material for maximum comfort & function, using the sexiest patterns & cuts. As featured in Part 1 & 4 of our recent Bromo series “The Fuck Room”, Fort Troff proves that sometimes we really can have it all.

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