Bromo Presents: Summer Playlists

Is it getting hot in here?

There are certain men that really epitomize our vision of a perfect Bromo, and 3 such dream boats have shared their top 10 summer anthems with us so we can enjoy them too. Ready to sweat?

Jaxton Wheeler

Power fucker Jaxton Wheeler is a natural born top and a master of domination. With 13 Bromo scenes under his belt, this beefy babe is a clear fan favorite who never disappoints. Jaxton has shared a list of classic tunes that will inspire you to cannon ball into your pool this summer.

Jordan Levine

In only 8 months, smoking hot Jordan Levine has managed to dominate 13 bottoms on Muscular & Inked, Jordan is the kind of man who sets our hearts & pants on fire. His collection of tracks will fuel our workouts for the rest of the month!

photo credit: Jeremy Lucido

Michael Roman

Michael Roman is a versatile stallion who is just getting started on Bromo. He always gives it as good as he takes it and we simply can’t get enough. He’s shared his favorite feel good songs that he likes to blast in his car with the roof down on hot summer days.


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