Celebrate Masturbation Month This May

5 Reasons Why Jerking It Is Actually Magic

Is there anything more satisfying than free fun? In a world that finds increasingly effective ways to drain your income, it’s good to have a few activities up your sleeve that require no hidden fees, no gear (unless you really want it to) and little to no planning. Enter the beauty that is masturbation. We’re lucky to live in an age when we no longer have to feel shame associated with the act of self-love. In fact, doctors agree that a regular jerk has many health benefits. In honor of Masturbation Month, here are some of our top favorite reasons to whip it out on the regular:

  1. Prevent STDs – Let’s get the amazing but obvious out of the way first: physically and emotionally you are treading in the safest sexual territory possible when getting off solo. This beautiful simplicity is understated, but definitely worth mentioning.
  1. Prevent Depression – Get flooded with the happy hormones! Dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin are released during ejaculation while the stress hormone cortisol is reduced. Short term effects of this cornucopia of chemicals are feelings of wellbeing and relaxation. The long term effects of this bliss is a reduction in stress in the body, an overall heightened mood. Who doesn’t want a big slice of that?

  1. Prevent Cancer – Increased sexual activity is a recognized marker for overall good health and has been linked to strengthened immunity and disease prevention across a broad range of morbidities in the aging population. One of the most prevalent of diseases is prostate cancer, which affects 1 in 6 men. Evidence from an 18 year US based study suggests that ejaculation frequency may be inversely related to the risk of this type of cancer. For maximum benefit the suggested frequency of ejaculation is 5 times a week. So get cracking! Because science.
  1. Decrease pain – Apparently pain and orgasms are processed by the same part of the brain, and only one of those sensations can be processed at a time. Talk about a brain hack. Factor that in with an increased blood flow in the body during orgasm, and you have a bomb ass pain killing recipe.

  1. Practice for great sex – Let your wank sessions be a time of information gathering, where you learn exactly what you like and in turn a few tricks your current / future partner might like as well. This is a great time to practice techniques like edging, where you bring yourself almost to the point of orgasm then withdrawing several times before ejaculating, allowing you to last longer during sex and shoot bigger loads. Regular masturbation also works for your pelvic floor muscles to prevent erectile dysfunction so you can get rock solid well into your sunset years. Priorities people!

There you have it folks! Just a few reasons why bringing yourself to orgasm is pretty much magic. I’ll leave it to you to guess how many times I took a break from writing to do so myself.

by Bromo

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