You are Cordially Invited to Join Us in The Bedroom

A quick look at open relationships

Deacon and Asher made their debut on Sean Cody, earlier this year, as the first real life boyfriends to appear on the website. Both started off by delivering hot solo scenes, as all models do. Both were met with high praises by fans and everybody was asking for more! Ask and you shall receive. Both studs were back to film a sex scene together in February. The chemistry between them was undeniable and the fans couldn’t get enough. After a month of waiting, viewers started to believe that Deacon and Asher were simply trying to spice things up by having sex on camera and that they wouldn’t be coming back for more. However, come Spring Break, we were able to exceed expectations and brought back the real life couple for some three-way fun with hottie Brysen!

In honor of this Sean Cody milestone, here is a brief look at different types and levels of open relationships and what motivates people to be open and make it work.

Back To Basics

The concept of an open relationship stems from the want or desire to expand your horizons beyond a two-person monogamous relationship. Once you decide to consider additional partners there are a few questions that come to mind:

  • Are these additional partners only sexual or is it allowed to develop emotional attachments?
  • Will the partners be joining the couple in the bedroom or is it okay to seek additional sexual or romantic partners on your own?

The main options available to couples are either to be open or to engage in polyamory. Polyamory involves partners seeking other romantic partners either as a unit or individually. On the other hand, being open as a couple is to welcome other partners sexually whether to the communal bed or separately. The main difference comes down to whether the experience is emotional or sexual. Also, for some people, location and distance can be the deciding factor in being open or not. The ‘100 Mile Rule’ is sometimes applied to some relationships meaning you can do whatever you want with whomever once you are out of town or on vacation.

Deacon and Asher having a threesome with Brysen is a display of an open relationship because the involvement of all parties was purely sexual in nature.

Should We or Shan’t We?

Many different motivations can push someone to consider being open about their relationship. If both partners are consensual and sexually, or romantically, stimulated by adding additional partners to their relationship than considering an open relationship can be healthy. However, if partners aren’t on the same page, or you are seeking an open relationship out of fear of ending their current relationship, this could lead to resentment and complications arising quite rapidly.

Communication is the key factor in developing a level of openness that is acceptable for all parties involved. The important thing is to have fun and to respect your limits and your partners’ limits.

Deacon and Asher have now officially had their first onscreen threesome with Brysen. Will they keep coming back for more hot Sean Cody three-ways in the future? Who would be your pick to join the real-life boyfriend?

Will Deacon and Asher be back for some more three-way fun? Comment below with the Sean Cody model you’d most wanna see in bed next with the real life boyfriends!

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