Dick Dorm Summer Playlists

The Dorm is Officially Lit

When the boys were asked to share their top summer anthems, mayhem ensued. Everyone had to have their say, and when the dust settled, we ended up with playlists for three different natural habitats of the Dick Dorm dude now that classes are out: The Work Out, The Day Drunk and The Hangover.  Join us on a journey through a hazy day of dorm life.

The Work Out

Whether at the gym, playing soccer, or during some wild bastardization of beer pong, the boys like to flex their muscles and stay in shape. Get ready for some high energy beats that will take you there.


The Day Drunk

Classes are out and day drinking is in. Crack a beer, cuz the dorm is about to get lit.


The Hang Over

The next morning might be slow moving, but that’s not an excuse to give up on the party. Sip some hair of the dog, order a new keg, and let these beats carry you into the next adventure.


by Reality Dudes
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