Every Str8 Guy Has His Price

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It’s no secret that we have a thing for broke str8 guys. We find our guys in parks, college campuses, outside of gyms and everywhere in between. Our methods are smooth, simple and surprisingly effective at getting us into the pants of the sexiest & fittest dudes. We start slow by making our target feel at ease. That’s when we start suggesting small tasks in exchange for cash money, constantly upping the ante and testing their limits.

From this point on we know it’s just a matter of time before inhibitions and pants are dropping. We eventually move the action to a local hotel when it’s time to get really wild.

Watch this compilation of some of our most recent conquests, who eagerly follow us down a rabbit hole of cash and compliments. Let us know if you could do better!

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by Reality Dudes
Reality Dudes

Every Straight man has his price! Str8 Chaser is a subsite of RealityDudes.com, which features 100% amateur performers, and 6 exclusive sites.