Felix Jaehn Comes Out As Bisexual

The 23-year-old DJ recently opened up about this sexuality

Tropical house mastermind Felix Jaehn recently came out as bisexual.

In an interview with Germany’s ZEIT magazine, the German/Dutch record producer and DJ said that he dreams about finding a person whom he can share his life with, regardless of gender.

He also detailed in the interview how growing up in a small town influenced his perception toward his own sexuality. “There, as a child, I realized that it was not normal to fall in love with boys as a boy,” he said. “As a teenager, that influences you. And when you realize that you also find guys attractive, that can make you unsure.” He always hoped that one day he would wake up and know what he wants, but that didn’t happen. “Sometimes I was more interested in girls, sometimes more interested in boys.”

The DJ’s harrowing journey through self-discovery served as an inspiration for his latest album, I, which was releasing this month. “If you choose such a title, it’s time to show your whole self too,” he said.

The 23 year-old is best known for his song “Ain’t Nobody” with Jasmine Thompson and his remix of Omi’s “Cheerleader, that topped the Billboard Hot 100 for six non-consecutive weeks in the summer of 2015.

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