Flying Solo Is Actual Bliss

Bromo & Fort Troff Present: We Lube You!

Any other serious jizz-junkies out there who are blissfully flying solo this month? Yup, we feel you. There is simplicity & freedom in knowing you have no one to answer to. No one is crushing you with the weight of expectations or pressuring you to do anything special. You won’t be gouged on dinners, Ubers and club entry fees that are inflated in honor of the guilt infused day of love that falls on the 14th.  You can get hedonistic and indulgent in exactly the way you want, with or without company. Since your pleasure is in you own hands, it is guaranteed. Can I get an amen?

We’re big fans of self love, especially in the form of masturbation, the mental and physical health benefits of which we documented here. And there are enough toys out there to endlessly fill your days with bliss. Boredom is impossible. It’s no secret that we have a soft hard spot for Fort Troff goodies. This one stop shop for gay fetish gear has won our hearts with their selection and quality. Besides all the gear meant to be be shared with a friend, they have a wide selection of dildos, dongs, vibes, and accompanying essentials.

It’s playtime!

For all of you who are celebrating Valentines with a healthy dose of self love, we’ve got you covered… in Fort Troff cum lube! Join us on Twitter on February 12th and 13th for a chance to win a tube of Cum Lube with a Comfort Luber so you can fill any all orifices with ease. We’re even throwing in a Grunt jockstrap so you love yourself in style. RULES: Just tell us how much you love yourself. Once a month? Everyday? Every few hours? Whenever humanly possible? Yeah, we get it. Loving yourself becomes addictive!

Don’t be shy, Pierce!

And don’t forget PornHub Premium is free on Valentines Day this year!

by Bromo
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