How to Be Healthy in 2018

A list of the best online fitness trainers

The new year has just started and and sadly, so many of us have the resolution to get fit and healthy. Some of us have joined gyms and don’t really know what to do. For me, spending money on a personal trainer is not really an option, and I am certain I am not the only one.

There are many online resources, free and paid, that you can use, however, if you are new to gym training, it is best if you have some kind of formal plan set by a personal trainer. This is why I decided to compile a list of online trainers that can built training programs and for some, meal plans.

If you are completely new to training in a gym, I suggest to pay for at least 1 session with a personal trainer and ask him or her to show you around the facilities and the basics of using weights and machines. This will reduce of chance of injury.

If you are a gym adept and just need that extra push, these trainers will gladly create special training programs to boost up or change your routine.

Oh, and they are not so bad to look at either!

Mike Matthews

Mike is an author of several bestselling health and fitness books and the creator of On his YouTube channel you can find hundreds of free videos of health tips, work out programs and advice.

David McDiarmid

David is a fitness model, body sculpting expert and trainer who offers online fitness coaching and meal plans.

You can reach him at, Instagram or Facebook.

Chris Elkins

Chris Elkins is a WNBF Pro Natural Bodybuilder offering you personalized online coaching through various packages.

Visit his website: Cutting Edge Physiques

George Gallagher

George is a best selling fitness author who offers special 3 month challenges for weight loss and muscle building.

Visit his website to keep up to date with his next challenge.

Brandon Cody

You might recognize Brandon from his adult work on Sean Cody and, however, he is also a fitness coach offering personalized fitness programs through his website.