The Inked Guys That Rule Our Pants

Check Out Our Favorite Tattooed Hotties of Instagram

Gay, straight, beefy, lean, American, European, Mexican … we love it all when tattoos are involved. On any given day you can catch us spending more time than is healthy on Instagram scoping out inked hotties to fuel our fantasies. Let us fill your eye holes with the accounts we’re currently obsessed with:

Jeff Chastain

Jeff Chastain is a gorgeous tatted daddy with a very big heart. His new line of tongue-in-cheek men’s grooming products MASC by Jeff Chastain donates 50% of it’s profits to charities & funds helping LGBT community recovering from addiction. We’re planning on stocking up on his “JUNKWASH”!

A little #christmaseve #flirt from the #nipples up..

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Jeff Logan

Former NFL player Jeff Logan has transformed into a motivational speaker, coach, model and overall inspiration. Check out Logan Performance if you’d like a training program hand tailored by this outrageous hottie. Ink is extra.

Andrew England

Next up is tatted fitness model Andrew England from… London England of course! What can we say besides YUM? Wish him a happy belated birthday (it was on January 23rd) by sliding into his DMs to request one of his calendars, or subscribing to his Only Fans account for some extra sauce.


Another Canadian hottie hailing from the beautiful West Coast, Strongjaws, marinates regularly in angel tears. We hang on your every post, you babe!


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Matthew Camp

NYC’s very own Matthew Camp of Matthew Camp Designs skillfully crafts leather jackets while deftly breaking all our hearts. Smell like his dreams by purchasing his latest scent Camp


Italian ink-hunk Simone maintains maximum mystery with his caption-less posts as if to silently remind us that his image is absolutely perfect as it is. Magnifico!

Joshua Andrew

Mental Health advocate Joshua Andrew is one of those special creatures put on earth not only to wow you with his manliness, but also to make you smile. What more could you ask for? Daily hot posts perhaps? Yes, he serves that too.

*Suicide* One of the most destructive tautologies of mental illness is our inclination to hide our disease. We want dearly to talk to our friends about our disease, but because pity–or even the perception that we are motivated by a desire for pity–is the last thing we we want, we keep our disease to ourselves. We falsely identify this decision to “go at it alone” as a sign of our strength and fierce independence. But keeping our disease inside prevents us from gaining perspective, and can lead to severely warped thinking at exactly the time when objective thinking is needed. So what’s the answer to this catch 22? Like most of our worries, the fear of being viewed as peddling our disease for pity is IRRATIONAL and simply another lie fed to us by mental illness. Though this stigma certainly exists in society at large, true friends will not interpret our reaching out as a desire for pity. They will understand that we we can be strong while worried, scared while brave, and honest while independent. These traits do not have to be mutually exclusive, and as humans struggling with their own insecurities and issues, our friends will be able to grasp this. So if you are feeling suicidal, or believe your mental state is precarious, please reach out. It’s the most heroic thing you can do ❤️#erasingthestigma #noshame #mentalhealth #awareness #sharewithafriend #fitness #exercise #healthyliving #healthyeating #shredded #exercise #diet #nutrition #inkedmen #tattoo #shirtless #male #model #photography #photographer #style #fashion #menswear #bodybuilder #gymfreak #fitness #fitfam #muscle

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Esteban Martinez

Mexican model, personal trainer, and proud dad Esteban Martinez has crystal blue eyes that will make you weep tears of joy, and a shirt collection via his brand Never Alone that could transform anyone into a bad ass.

Enamorarme ? mejor me tatúo, duele menos y dura más 👊🏻

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Kyle Krieger

Social Media mega star Kyle Krieger shows off his body art on Instagram while offering some superb advice on how to prepare for your next tattoo on YouTube. He was recently invited to join the community of David Beckham’s eagerly anticipated grooming brand House 99. Sounds like he could teach us all a lesson in ‘how to do it all’!

Shore thing, sis

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