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Hitting All The Spots In Hawaii

Hitting All The Spots In Hawaii

The ephemeral nature of vacation sex gives it an air of adventure. You must be willing to get dirty, or get caught. That’s probably why it’s so damn hot.

While visiting family on the tiny island of Lanai in Hawaii, I met a young impressionable park ranger. I was cooking up a thick moonfish steak on a grill down at the public beach.

He came by my camp around sunset and asked if I was planning on spending the night. I smiled and said “maybe, how much would it be to spend the night with you?” I flipped my fish and gazed back at him. He had a deep tan, but I clearly saw that blush. I knew my night would get more interesting from here.

Later on he came back to find me and we fucked on the beach. The stars were so bright they lit up his smile. The sound of the waves was just loud enough to muffle the sound of our moans from the campers down the beach. I think…

It was hot, but fucking in daylight would be hotter. Not there though. Too many people hung out on that beach during the day. At dawn we hopped in the rusty old jeep my mother loaned me and took a tour to the opposite side of the island. Partially washed out roads led us to a brown sand beach with muddy looking water lapping the shore. Garbage had washed up everywhere.

It was obvious why the public beach was located at the opposite side of Lanai, with its white sand and turquoise water. But for our purposes, this was perfect: no families, no people, no problem. We cleared some debris, laid a blanket down and fucked for hours with the sun on our skin. We’d cum all over each other, scrub ourselves off with sand and sea water and repeat. We finally saw a man and a dog walking up the beach and decided we had left enough of our genetic material on that area of the island for one day.

Fearing his wife or friends might see him with me if we went into town, the ranger suggested we park the jeep off the highway on a secluded hilltop. From there we could see the island of Molokai across the water. When the sun went down we fucked in the back of the jeep. We passed out for a while, until I woke up with a massive cockroach crawling on my leg. Damn they get big there. That was our cue to go.

I parked a few blocks from the ranger’s house. He blew me one last time before I handed him a roll of 20’s. I dropped off the jeep, ordered a cab to the tiny airport and booked it on the first flight to Honolulu. My family would be pissed I didn’t say goodbye. But there were some prime hotel balconies I had to fuck on before heading back to San Diego.

Priorities, people.

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