Reality Dudes Went Full Savage in 2017

Consequences Be Damned!

If you follow the Chinese Zodiac you know that 2017 ushered in the Year of the Cock, and man did it live up to its name. We took boldness to new levels, serving up hot surprises all year: we had a fuck-load of outdoor sex; the Str8chaser continued to enjoy success cruising hot str8 guys in the park; and the sex-crazed dudes at Dick Dorm continue to surprise us with their antics. Out of all the action however, there were some notable days where we decided to abandon all concern for consequences and take things as far as we could. Since the end of the year is a good time for reflection, we’d like to showcase our top 4 most mischievous moments of 2017. And honestly, we wanna show off a little.


Come Spring, our beloved Str8chaser went full savage, stealing a str8 dude right from under his girlfriend’s nose. We never thought he’d get away with it, but Jimmy was easily swayed with compliments and cold hard cash. Sorry girlfriend, when the Str8chaser sets his mind on a piece of ass, nothing can stand in his way. Was $400 worth it, Jimmy? Anyone who watched the scene knows the answer is a resounding YES.


Meanwhile at Dick Dorm, Elye was just trying to have a luscious mid-day wank but sly opportunists Ryan & Miles have a different idea in store in “Peepers”. After watching him for a while through his bedroom window, Ryan & Miles barge in on Elye’s private time. He’s shocked at first, but when he sees how hot these intruders are, Elye changes his tune. Within moments everyone is butt naked and enjoying life to the fullest. Threesomes are always best when they happen spontaneously, aren’t they?


By Autumn, the Str8chaser decided to pull another prank, this time a little more involved. Making Str8chaser history, a woman got behind the camera to trick gorgeous skateboarder Titus into coming to a hotel with her. That’s where the bait and switch game got more heated, with Titus agreeing to be blindfolded and taken with a dildo. The look on Titus’ face was incredible when he realized the Str8chaser had replaced the mystery woman. But the look of delight when he realized he enjoyed it was priceless!

Dirty Driver

And finally in November Cliff Jensen showed off his sly wanking skills in “Dirty Driver”. Because really, why let work get in the way when you’re in the mood? His female passenger is clueless to his game for a good 10 minutes. But when the journey takes much longer than anticipated she loses patience and discovers what’s been distracting her driver. We’re not really sure if Cliff stops the car to let her out or to focus more fully on finishing the deed. Sorry Cliff, that means no tip, and a 1-star review for you!

Clearly 2017 was a year where we really couldn’t be bothered by consequences. How long can we keep this up? Keep watching, and we promise to keep pushing that boundary in 2018!

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