Sean Cody’s Most Iconic Moments

Looking back at the brand’s defining moments

The San Diego-based amateur gay porn studio known as Sean Cody was founded in 2011 by Sean Ostler and managed to hold on to it’s prime position in the two decades following. Here’s a look back at the most iconic moments of Sean Cody’s history.

Gang Bang Girl and Tina

Sean Ostler was openly gay, but he once admitted that he was aroused by the idea of watching his mostly straight models having sex with a woman, hence the arrival of “Gang Bang Girl” and Tina, who shot one scene each in 2002.

The Twins

Jeff and John were the only identical twins to be featured on Sean Cody. They shot a solo in 2008, when they had just turned 19 years old. It would normally raise a few eyebrows, but they didn’t do anything more than jerk off next to each other on a couch.

1st bareback scene – Brandon and Pierce

In 2011, Sean Cody released tit’s first bareback scene, featuring fan-favorites Brandon and Pierce (also known as Ryan Rose), paving the way for other gay porn studios to do the same.

1st bareback threesome – Calvin, Jordan and Dennis

The first bareback three-way was made available only one week after ‘Brandon & Pierce Unwrapped’. At 38 minutes, it was the longest scene ever released at that time and it included a spectacular double penetration shot with Calvin, Jordan and Dennis.

Mountain Getaway

The ‘Hawaii Fuckfest’ was released in 2009 and rapidly gained a massive popularity. How could you top that? By inviting David, Tanner, Noel, Coleman, Andy and Bryce to a log cabin in the woods for a four-part bareback orgy. The sex was raunchy, intense, and satisfying, down to the last drop!

Brandon Bottoms

Brandon has always been a force to reckon with ever since he started with Sean Cody in 2011. He shot 38 scenes in six years, solidifying his rank as the most popular Sean Cody model of all-time. Jaws dropped when word got out in 2015 that Sean Cody’s most reliable top was bottoming for the first time. He was paired with Tanner, another fan-favorite, but his virgin ass was so tight the scene ended up as a flip-flop. Six months later, he bottomed for the second time, but this time with Chase, on his 5th anniversary at Sean Cody.

Abe’s comeback

Fans lost their mind when tall muscle god Abe came back in 2015, two years after his previous sex scene, with a scruffier and beefier look. His only request was to be paired with someone that he could “fuck though the walls” and Rusty was the perfect scene partner for that.

Winter Getaway

The Sean Cody team found a beautiful log cabin on Mount Shasta and invited Brodie, Joey, Rowan, Tanner, Lane, Atticus, Blake, Brendan, Robbie and Porter along the way. The guys had a blast sledding down the hill and throwing snowballs outside, but the real fun happened inside: orgies, facials and cream pies. It generated eight astonishing scenes that were released during the holidays in 2015 and still remain in the list of the most viewed scenes in Sean Cody history.

Nixon Bottoms

Nixon quickly became a fan-favorite ever since his Sean Cody debut in 2016. He is an all-around nice guy with good looks and a beautiful muscled ass, so it was only a matter of time before he finally gave it up. After showing us his topping skills, he was willing to get fucked for the first time and got paired with big-dicked Brysen. The outcome was simply magical.

Landon, Deacon and Asher’s Three-way

In yet another push for diversity, Sean Cody’s first black-white-latin threesome featuring Landon and real-life couple Deacon and Asher. This was one of the most talked about scenes of 2017.

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