Sex Secrets for Making Your Man Ecstatic

Techniques to keeping your sex life alive

What is love, baby don’t hurt me, don’t hur… wait, what? No, rewind. This is a sex thing, not a love thing. Although, the two tend to often relate, for sure – but, not in this text they won’t (well, not entirely, at least).

So, the moment of truth – is your relationship in a rut or are you just reading this to get a few fresh tips on how to get your man even crazier about you than he already is? Whichever the case, be prepared to go through some thought-provoking, effective tips to get you in le love mood.

Drop it like it’s hot

The element of surprise is one of the most important aspects of every exciting relationship. No one is suggesting you should do a handstand to impress your partner or perform a flying trapeze act with your co*k out – we’re simply saying you shouldn’t let the mundane take over the thrill. With that in mind, do little sexy things that will (positively) catch him off guard. For instance, grab him from behind while he’s making a salad and tease him slowly to a point he’s shaking; send him an inviting photo while he’s at work; take him in your parents’ bathroom/bedroom while you are there for a family gathering; wake him up with a boner rubbing against his back, etc. Let your imagination run wild and keep things stirring. The initiative should go both ways.

 Give a fu*k, for a change

Casual sex with random guys can be very exotic, sure… but having sex with the person you care about and love is an experience like no other (and you know it). Unfortunately, most relationships come to a point where everything gets routinely done – from picking up stuff at the dry cleaner’s to having sex (in your bed). Routine is the worst thing that can happen to any couple – gay or straight – especially if you let your feelings become routine as well. One of the best ways to give your sex life a healthy upgrade is to show your partner you care. Hug your partner when they’re not expecting it, caress them, ask them about their day (and actually listen!), bring them their favorite coffee when they’re working, offer to watch their favorite TV show together (even though you don’t like it as much), etc. Small things are the essence of life, and once you get that (and use it to your advantage), you’ll be fine. P.S. We bet your sex life will get wilder once you start reconnecting emotionally!

Don’t be THAT couple

Yes, you love your wedding china and sure, you love spending time with other gay/straight couples but don’t be the couple that’s, well, the essence of Bree Van de Kamp! Life, relationships and everything in between are, and always will be, extremely messy, no matter the amount of saline solution you (try to) clean it with. Forget about the mundane and introduce some fun into your relationship! Talk about your sex fantasies and fulfill them, following. Go browse for sex toys together like the ones Aneros offers and be open and playful with your options. Talk about inviting another couple to join you for a swing session (but only if you are absolutely sure that wouldn’t jeopardize your relationship!), play dress up, watch porn together… anything that turns (both of) you on. There’s really no shame in any of it, enjoy your sex life as Madonna commands.

Give good head

If you’ve ever been with a woman (or heard anyone talk about their experience with a woman, or have lesbian friends), then you know how complicated a vagina is. Unlike vagina, penises are pretty easy-to-please, as long you know what you’re doing. Most guys try to look seductive and get “nasty” with their BJ technique and they only end up looking weird, freaking out the other person and, ultimately, hurting them (with their teeth or too firm hand grips).

The building block of an awesome BJ is as follows (repeat after us): mouth – tongue – mouth – mouth – throat – mouth – hands. Deep throat head on to show him you mean it. Combine suction, hand motion (not too rough!) and a lot of saliva. While doing it, look happy, enthusiastic and thrilled that you are making his penis happy. Voila!


Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at The Authentic Gay and Gay Republic magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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