Top 10 Instagram Hotties You Should Follow

To spice up your day

We all know that Instagram is a huge pool of beautiful images. It is often hard to find the perfect hottie. Here is our list of who we think are great guys to follow. They are hot, love to show off and actually seem interesting.

1. @lap_nyc
Lap is a dancer and model based in New York City. His pictures are a mix of well-polished professional images and in the moment selfies. He loves to show off is great bulge in candid underwear shots.

2. @zacharykoval
Zachary Koval is probably the fittest vegan on Instagram. His posts are a good mix of gorgeous body shots, cute selfies, yoga training routines and funny moments. Must follow if you are into very cut fit guys.

3. @kylekriegerhair
Kyle Krieger is a hair and fitness star (whatever that means) and boyfriend of actor hottie Nico Torterella. His pictures are beautifully polished and artistic. Kyle likes to post, not only about himself, but also other hotties on his advantures. As a side note, his Youtube videos also have over 8.5 million views!

4. @justsammorris
Sam Morris is an artist, model and talent scout based in London UK. He loves pushing the boundaries of Instagram guidelines. You can also follow Sam on Youtube or his very own website where you can see just about every inch of his beautiful body.

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5. @Diegosans
Diego Sans, the most likable pornstar in the world! His Instagram feed is filled with sexy and goofy pictures of his daily life. Follow him if you want to pretend you are part of his oh so wonderful life (or so he makes us believe).

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6. @maxisms
The very fun and dorky Max Emerson is a writer, director, activist and model. If that wasn`t enough he is also a total hottie. Max is currently working on his first feature film called Hooked. You can catch @maxisms on Instagram and Youtube where you can view his fun loving comedic side.

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7. @callanjb
Callan Bergmann is a dancer, singer and new Broadway star, currently in the revival of Cats. Callan looks like the perfect guy you want to bring home to your mama, or be jealous of his amazing good looks and perfect smile.

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8. @alionsfear
Aydian Dowling is a transgender activist and motivational speaker. Aydian might be transgendered, and very open about it, but he is one piece of hot man! Enjoy his beautiful shirtless pictures mixed with his gym routine videos.

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9. @yotamshwartz
Yotam Shwartz is an Israelis model / photographer with the most beautiful green eyes in the business. His Instagram feed is filled with amazing professional shoots mixed in with a few candid selfies. A must follow!

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10. @stevan_ss
If you like big muscles and doctors, Stevan is the guy to follow. He is a Brazilian medical student who likes to show off his beautiful body. Now if only I could get medical attention from him, maybe I would fake a few extra heart attacks!

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Who’s on your hottie list? Let us know in the comments!