Top 5 Pajamas for your Gay Cruise

Because you never know who you will meet

Are you planning to escape life for a while and hop on a gay cruise? If you are, you will need some preparation time to set up all your outfits and make sure you have a good supply of body cream, condoms and lube. Here is a small guide of which loungewear to bring for all the public and your private naughty parties.

1. The Robe

The robe is the top essential piece of your lounge wardrobe. It is good for walking around the cabins with your friends or just getting ice down the hall. The N2N Lounge robe is perfect for the more flirtatious guys with great legs, if you got them, show them off! This robe certainly won`t keep you warm, but it will keep the others wanting more. It also comes in a longer length if you are a little more modest like me.

2. The One Piece

I believe that everyone needs a onesie! You can lounge around with your friends without feeling over exposed. The Nasty Pig one piece will be keep you warm and cozy for those more relaxed evening on the boat.

3. The Short One Piece

My next choice is the sexy version of the onesie. The Mundo unico short one piece will show off all the right assets for those steamy nights on the boat. You can always pair it with a cute pair of shorts when for you leave your cabin.

4. The Sheer Pants

This might not be everyone`s first choice, but the N2N lounge sheer pants can serve you great pleasure. They can be worn with underwear underneath for public outings or without to entice a cute guy to mess up your cabin.

5. The Underroos

Who doesn`t love a cute nerd? For my last suggestion, you should bring a matching set from Underoos Original. The sets come in a variety of super hero themes and will make you the talk of the party. Buy the super hero that matches your personality best and have fun!