Top 5 Suits for your Grindr Profile Picture

Because guys in suits are sexy!

If you are single, your Grindr profile picture is probably the most important thing in your life right now. You need to show that you are put together, intelligent, fun, loving, hard worker, open, communicate well, and let’s face it, that you are just perfect. So much stress, the hours and hours of taking selfies in the mirror, or having a full blown photo shoot with your best gal pal. To make all your worries go away, I believe a suit is always a good outfit to have on your profile picture. It shows you are serious, but can be fun depending on the suit. It shows you are put together, even if you are not. Besides, guys in suits are just HOT!

1. The Basic Black

The first suit I have to offer you is the Essential Black Suit from Indochino. You can never go wrong with a well fitted black suit. It is also easy to make it fun depending on the shirt, tie, bowtie, and pocket square combo that you chose. Remember that fit is more important than the quality of a basic black suit.


2. The Navy Suit

Before we get to the real fun stuff, let’s have another basic. This time the basic navy suit. If you think black is too harsh or you only wear it for funerals, like me, go with navy. It will show that you are not a Goth who has updated his wardrobe. Pair it with a plain white shirt, buttoned up collar and no tie for the sexier hipster look.


3. The Checked Suit

 Brown and burgundy check suit

Who doesn’t like a sexy professor? This brown and burgundy check suit from Topman is perfect for the more mature man on the prowl, or the young ones with an older soul. Pair it with a pair of jeans and a bow tie to complete your perfect profile picture look.

4. The Super Skinny Suit


Let’s get a little crazy and fun. This isn’t the suit you would wear to your mother’s church choir performance, but you could certainly wear it to a friend’s wedding. While you’re at it, make sure to befriend the photographer so that he or she can take lots of pictures of you, which you can use later for your profile picture. Go crazy with this Super Skinny Suit from Asos, which you can later mix and match with other items in your closet.

5. The Floral Print Suit


My last pick is for the more fun and flirtatious kind of guy. I personally LOVE a floral print and wear it in so many forms. You can wear this jacket at lots of different events. Always make sure you are camera ready! You can wear this jacket with jeans, black pants, red pants, and even white pants during the summer. Just make sure you don’t wear it on any Grindr dates, you don’t want to look like it’s the only good thing in your closet, even if it is.

6. The Ugly Suit

Daniel Deme/

SERIOUSLY! Well this is an exaggeration but let’s face it, we do see guys wearing horrible suits. We can all take a lesson from this picture. Fit is everything! If your suit is too big, it will look like you are wearing your father’s clothes and if it’s too small it will look like you gained a bunch of weight and can’t admit it. If you are not used to mixing prints, stick with one item and pair it with solids.

Remember that your Grindr profile is your first impression, so SUIT UP right!