Top 5 Underwear for a Successful One Night Stand

Because you should always be ready

A single man should always be ready to have a great one night stand. After all, you never know who you are going to meet. You should always be well groomed, clean and of course have a good pair of underwear to show off your ass (and bulge). It doesn’t matter if you are going to get coffee at Starbucks on Saturday morning in your ugly sweats or going out clubbing, you should ALWAYS be prepared. Here are my top 5 pairs of underwear for a one night stand.

My first pick is the Almost Naked line from Andrew Christian. It is by far and most comfortable underwear out there and the best part is that they come in a variety of sexy styles. The Almost Naked Tagless Bamboo Sports Brief is a beautifully simple and sexy style. The red will fire up your inner sex devil to help you achieve new waves of excitement.


For the more adventurous guy out there, you can try on the Party Animal Lace Brief from Body Aware. The fun animal printed lace gives just a small peak at the goods to want even more. These might not stay on for very long, but it will be worth the money!


I have to say, I am kind of in love with these! Original Underoos have been making underwear for kids since I was a child and now, they make them for grown ups. This might be for a special sleep over more than a one night stand, but nevertheless they will turn any boring date into an exciting one. While you are at it, buy an extra set for your date and have a full weekend of underwear fun!


Let’s get real naughty now! You want to wear the next pair when you know there will be no time for foreplay, its pants off as you are trying to unlock your door. These super sexy boxers from Andrew Christian have you hanging out front and back with sexy mesh sides and a thick elastic band for well, no apparent reason. One thing for sure, you won’t be complaining of feeling tight in the junk when you where these.


So let’s face it, when you go out, you most often just want to be comfortable but you still need to feel and look sexy. This Diesel Fresh N Bright Hero Boxer Trunk is perfectly comfortable and comes in a multitude of color to match your current mood. The guy who is undressing you will be pleasantly surprised, I guarantee it.


NO WAY! You might say they are comfortable, or it doesn’t matter what underwear you wear because no one will see them. But what happens if you do take off your pants in front of the cutest guy you ever seen in your life? You will be embarrassed! Wear these at home when you are lounging around, but not when you are going out and where you could potentially meet the hottest fuck of your life.