Top Favorite College Guy Traits

September Is My Favorite Time of Year!

Semester Has Started

Imagine for a moment the beginning of fall semester on campus. The air is crackling with nerves, excitement and hormones. It smells like hope. The latest batch of strapping freshman lads bring with them bewildered vigor and optimism. Emboldened sophomores have an abundance of swagger. And I, the str8chaser, survey the scene; my interest piqued by a killer combination of traits that render college studs susceptible to my pick-up game.

I should have become a professor. But no time for regrets! It’s hunting season. So without further ado, here in no particular order are the traits that keep me coming back for more.

Best College Guy Traits

THEY’RE HORNY: Thoughts about sex arguably take up more space in college guys brains than their studies do. Most extra-curricular activities arguably revolve around getting laid. And science tells us there is a biological reason for this to be so.Testosterone levels in men are said to peak around the age of 18, which means guys are riding that heady wave of desire into their early 20’s. My surfboard is greased and ready!

THEY’RE WILD: Tasting freedom from the constraints of family and high school life makes guys go wild once they take a hit of college life. Wanting to experience everything they can, they’re all about challenges, dares, bets, and will often “do it for the story”. Believe me, I’ve seen this play out…more than once. So go ahead and push those boundaries. Lean in, and see how far things can go.

THEY’RE ENERGETIC: Bless their collegiate hearts for all the stamina college guys possess. They have the energy to party and fuck all night, then make it to class and a soccer match the next day. Finding ways to tap their enthusiasm & vitality is my raison d’etre.

THEY’RE BROKE: Even if parents are helping out with tuition and living expenses, most college guys are up for making some tax free no strings cash. This fact works very nicely in my favor considering the other traits mentioned above. A combination of flattery, offers of pizza and beer, and cold hard dollar bills opens doors that I want to enter. Over and over and over again.

THEY’RE A RENEWABLE RESOURCE: To paraphrase an iconic movie from the 90’s: the best thing about college guys is, I get older and they stay the same age. Every year brings fresh blood and new opportunities for my gambit. Tony Robbins taught me that my only limit is myself, so I’m going to tap into my creativity, dream big and dive in.

Whether they are curious, coming out, or looking to expand their experience, college guys are a gold mine for adventure, stamina and excitement, turning campuses across the country into veritable man buffets. Happy hunting!

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