Year in Review: Sean Cody’s Biggest Scenes of 2017

Take a look at this year’s most exciting moments so far

Here at Sean Cody, we always ensure our members have access to a wide-ranging selection of models with different backgrounds, personalities, body types and cock sizes, and this year was no exception.

2017 was a year full of surprises. We started the year with a bang with the introduction of our first real-life couple, Deacon and Asher, and we followed with big announcements throughout the year, like Brendan and Brock’s comeback, Hector, Brysen and Kaleb’s bottoming debut, the exotic and cum-dripping Puerto Rican Getaway and Daniel’s first bottoming scene in more than four years.

So, we came up with a comprehensive list of this year’s must-see scenes, including some fan favorites and our personal favorites.


Muscle Match with Randy and Shaw

Fan favorites Randy and Shaw were a perfect physical match in last January’s muscle-pumping, action-packed scene.

Deacon and Asher’s Love Affair

After delivering hot solos in January, Deacon and Asher made Sean Cody history the following month as the first real-life couple to appear in a scene and the result was sublime.

Lane gets destroyed by Frankie

Frankie is a rough top with primal sexual instincts who knows how to pleasure his submissive bottoms. He delivers a stellar performance in each and every one of his scenes, including his 8 cumshot fuckfest with Lane.

Brysen, Deacon and Asher’s Wild Spring Break

Sean Cody’s first couple was joined by Brysen in the wildest Spring Break Getaway we’ve ever seen. It was sizzling hot and satisfying to the last drop.

Daniel and Jack’s Raunchy Fuckfest

In this epic scene with Daniel, big muscle man Jack pulled a hall of fame bottoming performance, a rare sight in his Sean Cody resume. The jaw-dropping facial cumshot was something not to be missed!

The Puerto Rican Getaway

Sean Cody’s hottest models – Randy, Jakob, Daniel, Jayden, Manny, Joe, Kaleb and Brysen, were taken on a summer escape to Puerto Rico, where things really went wild. The highlights of this 5-part series include Brysen’s first bottoming scene, hot beach sex and a sweaty jungle gangbang.

Deacon, Asher and Landon’s Epic Threeway

Big-dicked veteran performer Landon was lucky enough to join real-life couple Deacon and Asher in the bedroom and the rest is cum-filled history.

Malcolm and Blake’s Hotel Room Romp

The way Malcolm was worshipping Blake’s perfectly rounded ass was absolutely cum-inducing.

Hector’s Guide to Seducing a Straight Guy

Thick-dicked newcomer Hector made his sex scene debut with fan favorite Joey and the result was intimate, yet exhilarating.

Brysen and Blake’s Desert Fuckfest

Brysen and Blake are two stellar performers and they cemented their status with this eye-popping, cum-filled scene shot in the California desert.

Daniel Bottoms…Again!

Veteran performer Daniel tackled his biggest challenge to date – Randy’s 8.5” thick cock, in his first bottoming scene in 4 years. You have to see it to believe it!

Kaleb’s First Time

One of this year’s most beloved newcomers, Kaleb, was on the receiving end for the first time in December and Jayden was the lucky guy who got to pop his cherry.

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