Sean Cody invites you on their Wyoming Getaway

Winter has C-U-M!

The mountain landscape and the natural wonders of Wyoming are breathtaking, but not as breathtaking as the eight guys that we brought along for a week-long shoot in a remote cabin.

The snow was knee-deep when the filming crew first arrived at the private retreat, but as soon as the testosterone-filled models got there, the warm weather started to make its way to the great outdoors of Wyoming.

With no one in sight for miles, Derick, Jack, Dean, Dillan, Malcolm, Lane and Sean Cody’s first couple, Deacon and Asher, did what they do best – FUCK!

End the year with a BANG with our new Holiday series, which includes two duo scenes, one scorching hot threesome and a two-part orgy featuring six models.

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by Sean Cody
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